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Land Conqueror[edit]

Land Conqueror is pretty neat. Every 00:00 GMT Saturday, all the zones excluding Cities are PvP Enabled for 24 hours. The goal is to Conquer a Zone by placing a totem. These totems give either a 10%, 25% or 50% to either Exp rate or Drop rate to the guild and to the said owners guild's allies. If you are not allied or in the same guild to whoever owns the totem, you will get the opposite of the buff: -10%, -25%, -50% Exp or Drop rate. Only one totem can be active on a map at once. These totems have 300 hit points and they act like plants, unmovable, only receives 1 damage per hit and some skills do not work on these.
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War of Emperium[edit]

  • WoEs will be Second Edition.
  • WoEs are every Sunday at 8:30 PM server time and lasts for 1 hour 30 minuites.
    • (9:30 PM GMT, 3:30 PM EST)

  • Reward is 5 chests with these drops in them
    • Valk Shield 10%
    • Convex Mirror 70%
    • Ice Pick [0] 0.10%
    • Orlean Glove [1] 0.20%
    • Wool Scarf [1] 25%
    • Tidal Shoes [1] 25%
    • LC EXP Totem + Drop Totem 50%
    • Bradium Ring + Bradium Earring 0.20%

Current WoE Owner: Nemesis


We are working on implementing Battlegrounds very soon!

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