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Dec 16th 2018[edit]

Skill Rebalanced:

  • Geneticist - Change Cart lvl 2 has been added.
  • Shadow Chaser - ACD has been removed for masquerade type skills

Restock is now accessible all the time via the Healer NPC, even outside of BG.
You can disable restock with @restock off command.
Happy hour schedule has been modified :

  • Monday- 12h-13h GMT / 19H-20H GMT
  • Wednesday- 09h-10h GMT / 16h-17hGMT
  • Friday- 12h-13h GMT / 19h-20h GMT
  • Saturday- 07h-08h GMT / 14h-15h GMT

Battleground map changes:

  • BG Flavius Capture the Flag winning score is reduced from 3 to 2
  • BG Rush match duration has been reduced from 7 to 3 minutes
  • BG KVM rewards has been increased from 10 to 30 badges

New players will receive a Starter Pack
A Guild Pack is now gifted to new guilds

  • (5 players minimum registering in the same period of time)
  • (A private message shall be send to Glow with the nickname of the players to receive it)

Server now fully International:
Discord - Discussions, suggestions, support and voice channels are now exclusively in English.

  • Every messages in another language will be deleted. Sanctions could be applied for any abuse.

Forum - Every topic will now be in English as well as the messages.

  • Every messages in another language will be deleted. Sanctions could be applied for any abuse.

Game - Quests, events, animations and NPC's will be exclusively in English.

  • The possibility to chose the language after character creation has been disabled.

Nov 25th 2018[edit]

Skill Rebalanced:
Geneticist: Cart cannon : ATK [{( Cart Remodeling Skill Level x 50 ) x ( INT / 60 )} + ( Cart Cannon Skill Level x 60 )] % (edit)
Crazy weed: 400 (500) + ( Crazy weed Skill Level x 75 (100) ) %. Random max hit reduced from 8 to 6.(edit)
Guillotine Cross: Cross impact is now reduced from 3 to 2 cell range.(edit)
Sura: Absorb Spirit cannot be used on allies.


@restock command is now available in BG for a test period.
@restock is used to record consumables that you can retrieve from the NPC Therapist In Battle.

  • (ex: @restock 505 50 = restock 50 Blue potion)

The BG restock gets BG items first. If you don't have enough in storage, it will auto-fill with normal items if you have some.

  • e.g : If you want to restock 50 Battleground's white potions. In your storage you have: 49 Battleground's white potions and 150 White potions. You will get all your 49 Battleground's white potions + 1 Normal White potion.

Battleground allies is now considered as party member.
Kaizel disabled in BGs.

Nov 11th 2018[edit]

Gepard Shield

- Added Gepard Shield.
Lite Graphic Plugin
Lite graphic plugin is a feature that offers you the possibility to improve the skills visualization by giving you some cool features.
This feature is optional:

Enable / Disable LGP:
@lgp <on / off>

Display the square around the character. It is possible to change the size.
@square <on / off / 1 - 14>

Displays a circle around the character.
@circle <on / off>

Display of color plots from Storm Gust , Lord of Vermillion , Meteor Storm skills.
@aoes <on / off>

Enable / disable screen shake effect.
@shake <on / off>

There is also an opportunity for each type of ground skill to set its own picture and color.

Quality of Life
- Personal storages limit now up to 800.
- Infinite Fly Wing’s weight now set to 500.
- Prontera is now back to normal. Or nearly…
- Dark Plant has a different skin.
- Gunpowder added on monsters: Heater, Pitman and Elusive Pitman
- You should now be able to cast spell during Kvm waiting room
- Book : "How To Increase Stamina" and "How To Increase Vitality" added to the Genetic NPC Shop

- Battlegrounds now added.
- Battlegrounds will be available 24/7 with Happy hours 8 PM to 9 PM & 1 AM to 2 AM every Wednesday & Sunday (Server time, GMT)
- Added PvP Gear and Consumables.
- Player Commands: @reportafk <Playername>, @joinbg, @listenbg, @leavebg, @order, @ecall.
- See ChapterR Battlegrounds for more infos

Class Balance

  • Chain lightning : 0.75s cooldown

  • Fixed a bug with Illusion - Death, Now deals 25% of the target’s max HP.
  • Reduced the fire bonus damage per talismans to 17,5% from 20%.

  • Axe Training: Not visible in the stats because it's DMG + 50 and not ATK
  • Elemental FAW Skins have been changed to their appropriate colors.

  • Spell First: Damage is no longer stacked with double attack.
    • New formula: Damage (MATK)% = Base_Damage + (Bolt_Lv × 70)

Arch Bishop
  • Adoramus:
    • Damage on Non-Players: MATK 500% + 100 * skill_lv;
    • Damage on Players: MATK 400% + 75 * skill_lv;

Royal Guard
  • Inspiration: HP draing is 5x faster. (1% Max HP per 1 second from 1% max hp per 5 seconds)
    • Bonus stats -> +10 from +~19
    • Bonus ATK -> +200 from +350
    • 15% of the damage inflicted on Players are also inflicted on the Royal Guard.
    • 5% of the damage inflicted on Non-Players are also inflicted on the Royal Guard.
  • Ray of Genesis:
    • New formula: Base damage modified to 300 + 400 * skill_lv from 300 + 300 * skill_lv.
  • Reflect Damage
    • Reflect damage is now 15% from originally 40% (Our latest nerf was at 25%)
  • Cannon Spear
    • Base damage modified to skill_lv * (60 + STR) from skill_lv * (50 + STR)
  • Banishing Point
    • Base damage modified to (95 * skill_lv) + (30 * bash skill level) from (75 * skill_lv) + (30 * bash skill level)
  • Pinpoint Attack
    • Base damage modified to 120 * skill_lv + 5 * AGI from 100 * skill_lv + 5 * AGI
  • Overbrand
    • Piece ATK modified to 200* skill_lv from 100 * skill_lv
    • Swing ATK modified to 100* skill_lv from 50* skill_lv
    • Added ATK modified to 100* skill_lv from 50 * skill_lv
  • Exceed break
    • Base Damage (ATK) modified to 75% * skill_lv from 33% * skill_lv

  • Lif Homunculus is now fully regenerated by soul change


Anything before the 11th Nov[edit]


  • Izlude map has been fixed (new version of the city). Please patch your client.
  • An item that allows you to change your name has been added into the cash shop (client update necessary).
  • The donations for the Rachel Sanctuary quest have been done. Enjoy !
  • The opening Event will start in a bunch of seconds !


  • The bug impacting the Rachel Sanctuary quest has been fixed!
  • The Navy Blue Beret can now be put in the storage. [EN] Official Warps, Dungeon, Quests have been added for Brasilis [EN] Capitals Kafra now offers the possibility to save both at Prontera and Brasilis.
  • Dicastes dungeon (Scaraba) and warps has been fixed.
  • Homunculus and Mercenaries bugs have been fixed. (launch Chapter R.exe)


  • The @alootid command has beed added.


  • All eden group equipments has been balanced and added to Chapter R.
  • Eden group equipments descriptions has beend added. (Patch your client via Chapter R.exe)
  • @hominfo command has been added.


  • Grand Cross skill has been updated to hit 3 times regardless to the number of monsters.
  • Commands hominfo, homtalk, autotrade, at have been added.
  • Homunculus are now affected by @autoloot command.


  • Dead branches are not usable in Brasilis anymore.


  • The AndRO download link is now public :)


  • Homunculus friendly rate has been set to 5!
  • You can now vote for points on the website in the "My Account" section.


  • Memo command for acolyte classes is now way more permissive.
  • A broadcaster has been added in each capital.
  • Item "piece of fish" is now sellable.


  • Paradise's group mark does not disappear anymore after using.


  • Delay for getting papers in the quest "Report from the new world" has been removed.


  • A dead branch NPC has been added on each capital. From now, any dead branch or bloody branch used outside the dedicated rooms will be punished.


  • A Star Glatiator skills resetter has been added in capitals.
  • @duel commands has been added for everyone.


  • Some NPCs has been added to Prontera for your convenience.


  • Rogue, Stalkers issues when copying skills are now fixed. Moreover, the server should be more lag proof.


  • AndRO Announce into the forum : The optional part for check the archive checksum with an Android device have been added to the tutorial.


  • The rules has been published. No more good excuses, you rascals.


  • We're doing some adjustment on 3rd class exp table. Your level will increase after you killed at least 1 monster.


  • The mounts issue has been fixed (patch client nécessaire)


  • New quests about 3rd classes has been added
    • Shadow Chaser (Masquerade pencil), search for a new house at Brasilis
    • Ranger (Wolf flute), search for a stone at Payon
    • Warlock (for spell books) search for the Old Bookseller at Geffen(modifié)
  • Special sellers has been added for:
    • Rune Knight (House on the left at Brasilis)
    • Minstrel, Harive at Comodo spawn point
    • Guillotine cross, Poison Seller in Assassin's guild, and a special monster 'Dark Plant' appeared in new world maps
    • Ranger/Shadow Chaser/Rebellion, Trap Specialist, at prontera shop, and Brasilis
    • Mechanic (Mado Gear stuffs) / Genetic (for Cannon balls), Shop at Prontera
    • Genetic, Shop in Alchemist guild


  • We have found what's wrong with Royal Guards ACD issue. Until the patch, we can apply a workaround for the impacted players. Please contact me.


  • Mechanic's Pile Bunker official quest has been added at Yuno (179, 174)


  • Elder's Branches items are now dropped by the following monsters:
    • Elder, Permeter, Enchanted Peach Tree, Old Stove, Dryad, Wootan Shooter, Wootan Fighter, Gibbet, One horned Scaraba, Two horned Scaraba, Elder willow


  • A tombstone on Satan morroc's death.


  • All classes re-balances with formulas have been published.


  • Field Manuals, Bubble Gums and Gym pass from Cash shop are now tradeables.


  • Issue preventing players to join BG during "WoE" time has been fixed.


  • Build manager is now available at Brasilis and BG Room !


  • Moltuka from El Dicastes quest is now requiring 1 sweet potato instead of 50.

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