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Cat vs Mouse[edit]


The Mouse have to break the totems to win. The Cats have to kill them before they do.

When a Cat kills a Mouse, the Mouse is frozen and goes into Prison. It's able to be freed by another Mouse. They have to standby to activate "Warmer" Sorcerer skill to unfreeze you. If all the Mice are in Prison, the Cats win.

There are Mice holes, their only purpose is to hide while you're a Mouse. You are hidden.

Reward depends on how well you do, it will always be Chapter Coins.

Wheremouse Event[edit]

Welcome to the Wheremouse Event! Rules are simple. In this mode, at the of the round, one of you will be randomly chosen as the Wheremouse, while the others are simple mice. Once a Wheremouse kills a regular mouse, they will be transformed into another Wheremouse. The Wheremouse wins points by killing regular mice. Regular mice win points by activating totems. There is also a few Mouse Holes. The game ends once only 1 Mouse is left alive. There are Bonuses randomly around the map and it starts a random event on the map. Either Blinded Status or -----------

Chapter Coin[edit]

This is a reward from participating in our Events.
There are Event Shops in each Capital City.


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