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These are all the modifications to date[edit]

3rd Class Quest Guide Below.

Rune Knight
Rune Knight.png
Royal Guard
Royal Guard.png
Arch Bishop
Arch Bishop.png
Maestro & Wanderer
Minstrel & Wanderer.png
Kagerou & Oboro
Kagerou & Oboro.png
Guillotine Cross
Guillotine Cross.png
Shadow Chaser
Shadow Chaser.png


Step 1: Yuno top left, 90 321. NPC beside rebirth NPC called Historian, 100 163

Step 2: Talk to Livon, 105 286. Lutie

Step 3: You must activate the generators in order.

  • Purple (house - 122/159)
  • Blue (house - 189/275)
  • Green (112/282)
  • Red (147/95)

Step 4: Then go in Toy Factory dungeon, talk to Electric circuit breaker. (213/81)

Step 5: Talk to Livon again, 105 286. Lutie

Step 6: Prontera church,235 314. Inside, last room right, talk to Anfitris
Case 1 :

  • x1 Peridot
  • x15 3carat Diamond
  • x50 Animal Gore
  • x60 Pearl
  • x100 Decomposed Rope
  • x200 Skull
  • x80 Bloody Rune

Case 2 :

  • x1 Rose Quartz
  • x30 Lava
  • x40 Aloe Vera
  • x80 Rotten Meat
  • x50 Thin Trunk
  • x100 Lantern
  • x200 Solid Peach

Case 3 :

  • x1 Fang of Garm
  • x2 Aquamarine
  • x10 Festival Mask
  • x30 Armor Piece of Dullahan
  • x50 Chrysalis
  • x90 Grit
  • x100 Wolf Claw
  • x110 Fig Leaf

Step 7: Turn in, same NPC Anfitris, Prontera church, 235 314.

Step 8: Hugel church 156 114, Middle, right of the map. Inside, last room left. Speak with Ondine

Step 9: Lophta payon 82 326

Step 10: Go back hugel church 156 114 to Ondine

Step 11: Veins church 197 259, middle of the map on the rocks. Talk to Parsel

Step 12: Odin temple 2 93 222, talk to Valkyrie close to the entrance! Don’t fly wing.

Step 13: Veins church 197 259, middle of the map on the rocks. Talk to Parsel

Type 1 line per text box

As nights fall on this world weakened by hate,
The wind blows on the trees and offer the ones who lean their ear,
A new hope, a new story.
The time has come for elevation for this new generation,
We must proove the world that they're not their ancestors,
They proved that they have the required strength for this journey.
A new chapter opens in the book of legends,
The chapter of elevation, the chapter of the new world,
The lost continent wakes up... and they whispers to our ancestors.

You need to see “very well”. If you get “You didn’t listen” you have to restart step 13

Step 14: Go to Rachel, you will have 1 of these secret entrance talkable.

  • The Tree Stump 66 118
  • The Pool 99 184
  • Tree/bush 37 251

Step 15: Reach end of dungeon. Walk to the end, pass the imprisoned NPCs

Step 16: Talk to the Ragnhildr and you will have to answer 1 of 3 sets of questions.

Case 1

Question 1 "Give me the name of the warrior God, the strongest of them all. He owns a cart with 2 goats pulling it and they allow him to travel the world."; "His main characteristic is Mjöllnir, his hammer with which he creates thunder. This helps him to be the protector of the Gods and the humans against the force of chaos."; "As the god of thunder, he brings rain which associates him with fertility. He's the son of Odin & Jörd. He is married to the Goddess Sif." Answer: “Thor” “thor”

Question 2 "God of mischief and slyness, son of the giants Ferbauti and Laufey, maker of discord, I can change shape. I was planning to kill Baldr and got punished for planning the crime." "Who am I"

  • Answer: “Loki” “loki”

Question 3 "What is the name of Odin's horse?"

  • Answer: “Sleipnir” “sleipnir”

Question 4 "How many legs does the horse have?"

  • Answer: “Eight” “eight” “8”

Question 5 "What is the tree called that supports this world?";

  • Answer: “Yggdrasil” “yggdrasil”

Case 2

Question 1 "How many worlds exist?

  • Answer: “Nine” “nine” “9”

Question 2 "What is the human world called?";

  • Answer: “Midgard” “midgard”

Question 3 "What is the ice and fog world called?"

  • Answer: “Niflheim” “niflheim”

Question 4 "On which plain will the grand Ragnarök be on?"

  • Answer: “Vigrid” “vigrid”

Question 5 "Vidar is whose?"

  • Answer: “Odin”

Case 3:

Question 1 "Who guards the world of the deads?

  • Answer: "Garm" “garm”

Question 2 "During the grand Ragnarök, who killed the "Dog"?"

  • Answer: “Tyr” “tyr”

Question 3 "Tyr is the god of…";

  • Answer: “Strategy” “strategy”

Question 4 "Who did Tyr sacrifice his arm to?”

  • Answer: “Fenrir” “fenrir”

Question 5 "Who killed Tyr?";

  • Answer: “Garm” “garm”

Congratulation! Quest is done!

Quest for special classes[edit]

Shadow Chaser (Masquerade pencil), search for a new house in Brasilis (Guide [FR] : Shadow_Chaser_Pencil_brush)
Ranger (Wolf flute), search for a stone in Payon
Warlock (Spell books) search for the Old Bookseller in Geffen

3rd Class's Shops[edit]

Rune Knight (House on the left at Brasilis)
Minstrel, Harive at Comodo spawn point
Guillotine cross, Poison Seller in Assassin's guild, and a special monster 'Dark Plant' appeared in new world maps
Ranger/Shadow Chaser/Rebellion, Trap Specialist, at prontera shop, and Brasilis
Mechanic (Mado Gear stuffs) / Genetic (for Cannon balls), Shop at Prontera
Genetic, Shop in Alchemist guild

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